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Economic and Community Development

For over 30 years, we have been carrying out Economic Development work on a micro and macro level. We can conduct the proper research and create a thorough strategy that will get you not only started, but grow your Economic and Community Development plans.

Human Resources

ESU has worked with 27 businesses to improve and build their Human Resource capacity and efficiency. We understand that your staff and volunteers are vital to what you do. Our knowledge and experience can ensure that this aspect of your company remains intact. 

We work with business managers, owners, and staff to understand the culture of their business and make sure everyone understands the goals of the company. 

By using strategic HR Development techniques, we are able to help businesses understand and address issues and concerns that may arise within their company structure.

Project Evaluation

We have perfected Project Evaluation over the past 30 years. If your business or organization needs to provide an evaluation of the benefits, accomplishments and/or pitfalls of a project, we have the team of experts who can give you the feedback you require to improve your project in the future. From beginning to end, accompanied by a final report, we can help.

Grant Writing

With proven success with government funding proposals and grants, we can identify, negotiate and secure funding for your important project. We gain an understanding of your organization’s needs to develop the right ask for positive results.


Association Management

Let us be your Virtual Manager, Executive Director, Project Manager, or Director of Operations. Our team has the expertise and software to provide professional Association Management services to support you.

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Business Retention and Expansion

Ida Scott is a certified Business Retention and Expansion Consultant and a certified Business Retention and Expansion Professional. She delivers the BRE Fundamentals program for Business Retention and Expansion International for the Volunteer Model. 

Ida can provide verifiable and reliable results. We can help communities and organizations seek funding to ensure retention and expansion of businesses.


Project Management and Business Training

We have worked with more than 200 businesses and organizations to develop and deliver business training such as marketing, human resource development and volunteer recruitment and retention, as well as hosting large events and providing motivational speakers.

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Coaching with Individuals, Groups and Non-Profit Organizations

Ida Scott is a certified Life Coach, offering her services by video chat and phone to English speaking clients all over the world. With many years of work and life experiences, her mission is simple: helping clients set and achieve their goals through conversation, listening and questioning.

Having lost an adult son, Ida became a go-to-person in a Support Group, since she read 72 books about losing a child and about death and dying. As a life coach, Ida offers “grief coaching and picking up the pieces and moving on” services.

Ida also offers group coaching to organizations wishing to give their staff or clients an opportunity to set and achieve their life/work goals. Group Coaching is offered online to the group, as well integrating individual goals and plans with one on one phone or video calls. Participants learn from each other as they participate in the group coaching, which can be very beneficial to all participants.

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Ida is a very attentive and intuitive coach with an incredible life of experience to draw upon. With clear thinking and a warm encouraging tone, she is keenly attuned to understanding what sits between the lines.

She challenged me to see a fuller picture of my capabilities. I think even big dreams can slip into the nooks and crannies and it takes some strong mastery to help unpick and reposition the possible! Ida helped me unblock and build blocks for an improved personal and professional balanced life.

Of course, it is forever a work in progress!

Claire-Louise Osmond

Consultant & Entrepreneur

I have had the honour of working with Ida in a number of capacities, from a volunteer on a board, as a support staff person for her, and most amazingly with Ida as my life coach. I have been working on my business for a number of years, and having Ida’s infinite wisdom and questioning nature, she encouraged me to take a look at what I was doing, why I was doing it, and how I wanted my business and personal life to look in the future. Ida’s guidance comes with years of lived experience, reassurance in my own talents, and confidence in my abilities to create the outcome I wanted. I appreciate her kind reminders of where I have been, and firm belief that I can achieve my goals. Ida’s passionate support has helped me take my
business to the next level.

Bernice Williams, DTM, CHGM

Growth Facilitator, International Connections and Bernice Williams Consulting

Specializing in Development, Management, and Coaching, we have the experience, vision and passion to help make your goals a reality.


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