Project Portfolio

The previous owners participated in a Human Resource Development program which involved 15 businesses along the South Shore of Nova Scotia. The project involved working on an individual and group interaction with owners/managers and staff.

For AEC business clients, we developed and facilitated a workshop called “Network to Networth.” Board member on the Community Competition Board for many years.

We delivered numerous How to Start A Business workshops, including in Truro, Preston and Acadia First Nations on Wildcat Reserve. Ida was motivational speaker for Women in Business on Assertiveness for Women in Business delivered in Grand Falls, NL, and we completed Marine Travel Lift feasibility study for Cheticamp, NS.

Serving as Board member and past president, we also facilitated the “Fundamentals of Business Retention and Expansion Course” webinar. Also secured, organized and facilitated the 2015 Annual Conference for Business Retention and Expansion International, held in Bridgewater, NS.

The former owner and creator of Care Choices Inc. participated in the Human Resource Development training program developed and facilitated by ESU for women business owners.


We worked with the Development Association to prepare a Business, Marketing and Feasibility Plan to re-establish the Moyle J. Oxner Barrel Factory for Chester Basin Business and Community Development Association.


ESU was the Lunenburg Waterfront Property Manager from 2017 to 2019, managing DNS owned wharves and properties along the Lunenburg Working Waterfront. We also enhanced marine-related business along the working waterfront with a business development plan, including a Marine Services Business Retention and Expansion project and introducing marine tenants to business growth services.    

Employment Solutions Society (ESS)

Researched and developed a Strategic Plan for ESS by involving staff, previous clients and board members.  Assisted staff in creating a Mission, Vision and Values.  Created an Action Plan and House of Values for setting and achieving goals.  Laid out a plan and guidance for creating a Board Governance manual and Board Orientation handbook.

We prepared a Business feasibility and Marketing study, which resulted in establishing LaHave Denture Clinics Ltd. In addition, we completed profiles for several employees to upgrade their skills in the denture business.


We researched and prepared a report called “Everybody Gets to Play” for the board of directors of the Lunenburg Queens Recreation Coordinators and Director Association. This project clearly identified obstacles facing families in accessing recreation and fun opportunities and provided a document which was touted as a Best Practice for other areas of the Province of Nova Scotia.


Our involvement included developing and implementing a five-year strategic business plan for the Aboriginal Peoples Training and Employment Commission (APTEC) and delivery of workshops, evaluations of projects, training and “Bridge of Success” programs throughout Nova Scotia. Programs include Child Help Initiative Program (CHIP), E’pit Nuji Limuet Prenatal Program, APTEC team building workshop, Building Aboriginal Skills to Employment (BASE) and Helping Youth Prepare for Employment/Education (HYPE).

With input from business owners, developed an Essential Skills for Business Owners training manual called “Business Topics Made Easy” and tested with 15 Business Owners and six Business Development Officers on the Eastern Shore and South Shore of Nova Scotia. Ida Scott researched, piloted and wrote this training manual together with User Guide and Topic Sheets for Workplace Education, Nova Scotia Department of Education and Peter Scott refined the charts, tables, layout and compilation of both documents.


Worked with many clients of NRCS Inc. working with Worker Compensation clients who had been displaced from their jobs because of injury, including vocational assessments, Return to Work plans, transferable skills analysis and implementation plans,  and job search techniques with clients. 


We delivered six modules of the “Working Together” component of the Aerospace Training program to Composite Atlantic employees completing the Aerospace Training program at Nova Scotia Community College. We also developed and delivered an Organizational Behaviour program to clients of South Shore Opportunities.

For the Region of Queens, NS, we developed and delivered workshop to Town Council members on the topic “How to establish a Business Improvement District (BID)” – including both pitfalls and positives.

We developed and delivered a “Team Building” workshop for Recreation Facilities of Nova Scotia board members.


We developed and facilitated a workshop for Youth Advisory Committee about how to involve youth in community decision making. In addition, we co-developed and co-facilitated a workshop for youth in the community to promote their involvement in community decision making around issues facing youth.

After developing a marketing strategy for Saunders Motors, we also researched, designed and developed a marketing package for a Saunders Motors subsidiary – Saunders Collision Centre.

For Service Canada, we developed and delivered hundreds of information sessions for Human Resources Development Canada’s (now Service Canada) unemployed clients throughout four counties on the South Shore and in the Valley region. We also delivered specialized Human Resource Development training courses for businesses, including women business owners, youth and clients.

We developed and delivered an 8-week program to guide and support six clients along with their online training courses, ensuring the successful completion of their training courses. We also developed and delivered “Organizational Behaviour” Course to clients of South Shore Opportunities.

For the Town of Lunenburg we researched and prepared a business attraction package including our suggestion of the slogan “Proud Past…Promising Future” which the Town continues to use. We also carried out a number of IT projects for the former Mayor Mawhinney, which assisted with his presentations.

Peter Scott, ESU, worked with the owner and staff to create a handbook for Union Street.


We developed and facilitated a series of workshops on Human Resource Development with participation from the owner of Village NurseryOver the years, the owner of Village Nursery consulted with ESU, as she grew her business to an attractive and viable Nursery, drawing rave reviews from many gardeners far and near. 

At the 2002 Volvo World Youth Sailing Competition, ESU assumed the role of Executive Director and Economic Development Officer, working on this project for two years.



ESU assumed the role of Project Manager and Economic Development Officer for the 2003 World Theatre and Congress project.