We engaged Ida to work with us in developing our three year strategic plan and Board Governance model. Ida brought extensive knowledge, professionalism and support to us as she facilitated our sessions in preparing our plan. Ida is a strong leader and passionate about the work she does and it certainly shows in the organizational abilities to get the task completed! We were extremely pleased with the process and fortunate to have Ida work with us.
Margaret Matthews

Executive Director, Employment Solutions Society, A Nova Scotia Works Employment Services Centre

ESU has provided evaluation services for the NCNS for a number of our programs over the years. Ida and Robin have consistently provided knowledgeable, respectful and articulate services and feedback to the NCNS. The written reports and recommendations developed from collecting data, input from our clients and partners has proven invaluable to our organization in developing and designing programs going forward.  In addition to the evaluation services, ESU have also provided their service in the development of our 5 year strategic business plan for our employment and training services.  I would recommend ESU for any of the above noted services your company requires.
Lee Paul

Manager, Aboriginal Peoples Training & Employment Commission

Ida Scott has generated many progressive and innovative ideas for the Bridgewater Development Association (BDA) over 14 years as manager, and has led the board and project teams in carrying out countless projects that have improved the community. She generated these goals and ideas with strict adherence to the board’s strategic plan.

Ida has demonstrated great leadership qualities while working with BDA board members and fellow BDA staff.  She is known for her vision and creativity and her determination to see a project to its successful completion.  Ida demonstrates strong written and oral communication skills. She has also established a healthy and respectful relationship with government funding partners, without which many of the projects the BDA completed would not have been possible.

Pam Kennedy

Chair, Bridgewater Development Association (BDA), Pharmacist and owner of Health First Pharmacy in Bridgewater, NS

Ida knows the power of relationship building and has aided many projects, even some that I have been a part of because of the relationships that she has built throughout the years. People trust that if there is a project that she is working on that it is worthy to support and that it will see the finish line.

She is a strong leader in so many ways but is always open to hearing and supporting other points of views and ideas. She gives credit when it is due, often more, and has a big heart. When she’s supporting an initiative whether she’s spearheading it or part of a larger team, she gives it her all and won’t give up until she has succeeded.

If you are looking for a kind, dynamic trailblazer you don’t need to look much further.  Any organization would be blessed to have Ida Scott as part of their team.

Ashton Rodenhiser

CEO & Chief Graphic Recorder, Mind's Eye Creative Consulting, Former p/t Project Coordinator, Bridgewater Development Association, Founder and chair of “Art Happening Bridgewater”, NS Founder and organizer “Afterglow Festival” in Bridgewater, NS

Ida is a leader who has the capacity to share knowledge and teach as she leads. As the sole employee of the BDA for so many years, Ida has built a strong supportive volunteer base around her projects and has far reaching networks to support the outcomes.

Ida takes a very holistic approach to building communities. She is an ideas person, someone with vision, but she is also seriously motivated with first class work ethic. Ida shies away from nothing and is loyal to getting the job done whether on her own or alongside others. But when she is supported and surrounded by a strong team, she shines in the best way possible.

Claire-Louise Osmond

Former p/t Marketing Coordinator with the Bridgewater Development Association, Consultant and Entrepreneur in Business Communications/Economic Development/Food Security Education/Fund Development, Co-owner of “Made in Moontown” a start-up business

I have had the honour and privilege of working with Ida Scott, as manager of the Bridgewater Development Association (BDA) for 12 years, as a board member and later as a p/t Project Coordinator. Ida offers more than economic development to the community, she is a leader and mentor.  She was always prepared for board meetings with notes, agendas and necessary documents to support each and every project.

I have seen Ida support a variety of BDA Executive, including myself, in their personal growth. She has offered her knowledge and expertise in support of community projects large and small. Ida is well known for her ability to get things done. She has worked with all levels of government in developing projects for the community. She has a special ability to engage people and project teams.

Ida is an amazing example that with the community support, economic development happens.

Ida’s leadership, passion, and “get it done” ability has attracted many of the top community leaders to sit on the BDA board and support economic development. Ida leads with one thought in mind, making the best possible community for everyone.

Bernice Williams

Bernice Williams Consulting, Past BDA Board Member and p/t Project Coordinator

I found Mrs. Ida Scott to be one of the most dedicated, loyal and competent employee I have ever encountered during my 40 years in business.

Terrence S. Goodyear

Former Deputy Mayor and Owner of Central Funeral Homes, Town of Grand Falls, NL

As solicitors for the Bridgewater Development Association, we have had the pleasure of working with Ida Scott for over fifteen years, primarily in the sale of lands; industrial, commercial and residential.

We have found Ida to be very astute in recognizing the unique requirements necessary for each transaction.  She is experienced in negotiating with prospective purchasers and clients, preparing agreements of sale, and generally following the transaction through to completion.  In completing this oftentimes complex process, Ida has established a thorough knowledge of orderly property development, including an understanding of subdivision regulations and land-use by-laws.

Ida’s strong work ethic was very evident from the beginning.

Kenneth O. Thomas

Lawyer, Ferrier Kimball Thomas

Peter Scott is definitely an out-front Assistant Manager… His knowledge of excel, computer programs and his thirst for knowing how things work has been invaluable. I can always count on him to get something working or figure out how to get information to get something done.

Sheila Kearns

General Manager, Whistler Blackcomb Food and Beverage

This course has been quality plus right from the beginning and has made me feel altogether different not only about my employees but my business and the customer side of my business.  I have found some of the topics “How to motivate your employees” and “Customer Service” to name only a few to be exceptionally motivating to me.  I have made many new plans to train my staff to be better able to run my business and to take more responsibility and also I have learned a new appreciation of the term “Customer Service.”

Albina Nowe

President/Owner, Village Nursery, Pleasantville, NS

The knowledge and expertise displayed by Ida Scott was tremendous.  She provided the information leading to laying the ground-work for business infrastructure required for the internal operation of the business.  i.e.  Teamwork and motivation.

I would highly recommend this program with Ida Scott being the organizer for ongoing delivery to business people.

Janet Larder

Owner/Manager, Highwayman Restaurant, New Ross, NS

Ida’s presentations were very helpful and informative, but also were our many discussions amongst fellow students – almost like a support group.

It has not only helped myself in dealing with staffing problems, but gave me motivation and eagerness to return to work with ideas and enthusiasm.

Linda Reeves

President, New Ross Home Hardware

Ida Scott has a rare gift of understanding and appreciation of things that happen and of events that might be.  Instances are rare when Ida did not have that approach, she crossed into status a long time ago.

Charles Edwards

Former Mayor of Town of Grand Falls-Winsor, NL , Business owner of the Grand Falls Theater

Ida has amazed me with her enthusiasm and drive.  She is the type of individual that sets absolutely no limitations for herself in getting work done. 

Ida has a vast knowledge of marketing, and has demonstrated excellent organizational skills in hosting conferences and major events.

Anna Thistle

Town Councillor, Town of Grand Falls-Windsor, NL, Chairperson Development and Planning